Sunday, October 14, 2007

update on games

jacob tied his 8am game yesterday, 1-1....they should have won--they totally dominated the whole game, they just had trouble finishing (lots of near misses, or outstanding saves). Then they won their second game yesterday 5-0, a shutout. This morning, they won their third game, 3-1, which was a well-fought and well deserved win. Now they are off to the final championship game at 1pm this afternnon.

Nathan won their game yesterday afternoon, 5-0 also. They have their third and last game today at 2:15pm. Unfortunately, with their loss on Friday night, and how well the team they lost to is doing.....I don't think they have a shot at 1st place, unless the team currently in the 1st position totally messes up today. Even with a shutout at 2:25, we would not have the enough points to beat the three wins of the 1st place team. Oh well....they have been playing well, and we are proud of them!

Gotta go...more later.

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