Monday, October 1, 2007

Creeped out

I am pretty creeped out right now, because I don't remember doing things I apparently did this afternoon. I had a very busy day today....well, not really, but I had a typical busy day. I got up, got the kids out the door for school, and then took myself to work. The third grade teachers were at a learning conference for the day, so I did some things I normally do, and some things I don't normally do. I corrected a lot of papers, monitored a particualr student, hung a new bulletin board, made some copies, filed papers, helped some students with group work, etc. Then I picked up Nathan, came home and answered a few emails (that I don't remember doing), and visited a couple of friends websites. Then I set out on the task of preparing the paperwork needed for nathan's soccer tournament. I am the team coordinator, so it is my job to make sure all things official are in order. I took care of some team business--inputting the weekend's game scores into the NISL website, and then set out to finish off paperwork needed for the upcoming tournament. I couldn't find specific forms needed to complete the process, and got a little panicked about that.....since it was supposed to be postmarked by today. (Long story....but I will not take complete credit for waiting so long to get going on this......I only found out about it as we were leaving out the door to our first game of the weekend on Friday night.....and we had games everyday of the weekend, and somewhere in the process, I forgot about it until today--when apparently it was supposed to be mailed.) Okay-so the paperwork I needed was not easy to find online, and long story short....I had to wait to talk with other paperwork submitters (other team coordinators) I would see when picking up jacob at soccer practice.
ANYWAY-it was while I was waiting for Jacob that I noticed something was maybe not right with me. I was not able to complete sentences properly....and my mind seemed a bit jumbled. By the time i got home, I was feeling rather fuzzy. Matt ordered pizza while I was getting Jake....and we basically ate as soon as I walked in the door. Unfortunately, the fuzziness just got worse, and I found it quite difficult to connect two thoughts. I knew I needed to finish the paperwork, but I couldn't seem to think in any organized way to get it done. Matt had to take over. My friend Kerri called, and all through the phone call, i was inately aware that I didn't think I was making too much sense. My thoughts were just not connecting. The worst of the fuzziness was about an hour ago. I felt very spacey--like I was on some sort of drug or something. My kids were even teasing me about it. I couldn't connect any of my thoughts, and it wasn't until then that I realized I didn't remember sending any of the emails I sent this afternoon. I reread my "sent" messages of my email....and it was sureal. I honestly didn't remember writing them. BUT-they made sense. I didn't sound spacey......but I also didn't remember writing any of it. And YES that is very creepy.
Anyway--I am not sure what happened, but I don't like it. Matt told me to start drinking water---and I think that helped some, as I am feeling much more clearheaded right now. I really got a bit scared maybe I was having some sort of medical thing happening. BUT-now I feel much better, and unless i experience that whole creepy thing again, I will consider it maybe lack of hydration. I think I did drink hardly anything today......and since Matt kind of forced me to drink a water bottle quickly---I have been feeling a lot better, and less fuzzy headed. I suppose I have a lot going on, and I did have a "stress" thing happen a few years ago, where I thought I might be going crazy because I kept forgetting things. As soon as I lightened my load, and cleared my schedule, it was like a miracle happened---i suddenly felt like myself again.
I hope that was not what was going on here.....because my load is not going to get any lighter in the near future. If anything it will get more busy---especially if I get the long term sub position in March.
Something to pray about---for sure.


deanna said...

Yup, sounds creepy! If you take that sub job, you need to promise us you'll say NO to everything else!! and keep drinking water!;-)

Kathryn said...

Not a bad idea to keep your regular M.D. advised as to what's going on, either. You can call the office and speak to a nurse about your symptoms anytime, and they can note it for your file as well as let you know if you should be seen.

It could be a combo of things...dehydration being a component. But you may want to investigate. Stress and depression can also trigger lots of symptoms.

kimsilver said...

Well....if it happens again, I will for sure call my doctor. For now, though, i am hoping it was a dehydration thing, and that it won't happen again.

mom said...

Sent you an email...