Saturday, October 20, 2007

proud mom

We have been anxiously awaiting for an interview with Luis Mojica to be posted on the Campton United Website. Luis is our neighbor and family friend. He has been a wonderful role model for our kids, and has always had a special relationship with Jacob, as they both have always had a love for soccer. It didn't seem to matter that there is an almost 10 year difference between their ages. Luis and Jacob have always hit it off, and would spend hours kickin gthe ball around on our front lawns. Luis is a sweet kid, and I am glad he is gettin gthe props he deserves! He is now a freshman at Northern Illinois University and has recieved a full scholarship there for soccer. He starts for their Huskies Men's Soccer Team, and has also been selected to play with the Chicago Fire PDL team (preprofessional). Needless to say, he is Campton United's pride and joy, as he has played with them since he was ten and not only has been successful--but has always displayed good sportsmanship
Anyway--we were given a heads up by the webmaster that the interview with him would be posted soon, and that he mentioned Jacob. Tonight the interview was posted. Once on the homepage of the site, there appears a very nice "note" from Mark MacKinnon the club's director. It is worth the read. Then under "club news" there is a link to a "Q&A with club alum Luis Mojica". Please click on that to read the interview. To our surprise, Luis speaks of Jacob Sterling as his favorite Campton Player. (WOW! He knows ALOT of Campton players!) Then there is a picture of Jacob playing on the field, and a sentence or two from Luis. Can I tell you how thrilled Jacob is?

Also on the homepage--under "snapshot" at the bottom of the page, is a picture of Nathan kicking a ball at one of his tournaments. And scrolling right next to that is "Team News" where Nathan's team (Roteiro) is mentioned. Also, under "club news" is a link to "tournament results and pictures". If you click on that, there is a nice picture of Jacob's team, and a write up by his coach about how they played in the Nike Cup- and under that, a team photo of Nathan's team with write up for their performance at the Glen Ellyn Classic Tournament.

PLEASE humor me, and go to the website... and read about Luis Mojica and my boys. I am a proud mom! Can you tell??


dawn said...

Way to go Jake and Nate! Thanks for sharing that, Kim.

Proud Aunt, Dawn
Proud cousin, Abby

Kathryn said...

Woo-hoo! Great job, guys! And congrats to the proud mom, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

kimsilver said...

Dear Anoymous,
I am glad this post helped you for your assignment---now you have me wondering what assignment that could possibly be!
Please let me know if it was about being proud mom, or maybe about soccer, or what. I am very curious!