Friday, October 5, 2007

floating holiday (???)

Today I am taking my "floating holiday". I get to pick one day of the year that I don't need to go to work when scheduled, and it doesn't count for a sick day. I chose today, because I now have a 4 day weekend, and because the boys were gong to be home from school, too. It will not be a rest day, though. (No-never!) I have soooo much to do always, I can't afford it. Honestly, it has been one commitment after another around here.....I don't usually get to sit down until about 9pm at night, unless I am eating or going to the bathroom....or quick checking my messages on email in between driving or picking up my children.
Today, my list consists of this:
-go down to the District Office to get my sub paperwork started/completed
-take Nathan to his friend's house (in which the mom, and my friend, wants me to hang around for a while for a cup of tea....I would really love to sit and drink a cup of tea and chat like a real person.....but I am honestly trying to figure out if I can afford to take the time to do this!)
-vacuum, dust, straighten, do get the idea, my house is a disaster--and Matt has been getting frustrated with me about it. (I am getting frustrated, too, believe me. I can't stand how messy things are around here, but honestly, I haven't been in my own house for more than an hour at a time.....and when I finally do get here, I run around trying to get the kids stuff together for the next practice or I flitter about going through mail, picking up random piles of whatever, wherever, that have accumulated while I wasn't looking, etc.....I haven't gotten down to the business of heavy duty cleaning in a while!)
-Find all the paperwork, and fill it out for nathan's tournament this weekend....I already did the paperwork for next weekend's tourney, but that is because I could send that in....I can't with this one.
-Gather all the uniform stuff together for both jacob and Nate....I am sure some of it needs to be washed.
-Start going through the University of Phoenix papers about Education Classes---and start deciding which classes I want to take. I need to take two before my maybe long term sub position starts.....and that is not a lot of time away, if you figure I have to fit in two classes by then!)
-Try to remember to eat something other than junk I grab on the run--and drinking water would be good, too!
-Take jacob to his game.....which starts at 7pm, but since it is in Highland Park, and we will be driving in the midst of rush hour.....we will have to leave by like 4:30 at the latest.
-deal with whiney children (Jacob) about how mean and ridiculously overprotective I am because I don't want him going into downtown St. Charles with a friend to see the Scarecrow Festival. (I admit, that in and of itself, the festival would probally be fine for him to be at....but there are going to be like a gazillion people there, the traffic is really crazy, and it just doesn't seem safe.) Jacob is right at that stage that he thinks he should be able to do all this stuff that older kids do, because technically he is in middle school now....but he is still very much a little boy! (It doesn't help that he has a friend that has WAY too much freedom.....and I am always the mom that has to say no to things.)

I am sure there will be more things to do that I am not thinking of....there always is. Like, a pack of kids coming over and all deciding they need drinks and snacks....and then leaving the kitchen with spills and crumbs and junk everywhere.....or something. As it is, we already have an extra kid in the house, because Jake's "very free" friend slept over last night. I am sure that is why first thing this morning I have already been dealing with questions about the Scarecrow Festival, and possibly going to the new park (that is too far, also, without an adult), or going to a movie, etc. etc. I haven't even spoken to Ben yet--I am sure he has grand plans for the day, too, in which I am in the dark about right now. I am sure it will involve me driving him somewhere.....or something. He is at his other home right now (his friend Aaron's). That is why I don't know what he'll come up with yet. Actually, if he was home he'd most likely be still sleeping. He is a teenager, you know, so he'll sleep until noon if I let him.

It is scary when going to work everyday seems like the break you so needed! But, I have been feeling like that lately!

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Kathryn said...

I am constantly in awe of how moms can keep it together with such busy schedules. My head spins just reading your agenda!

I am miserable when fully scheduled. Some people are able to thrive with activity--my sister is like that.

For me, the plan is one child. I know my limitations! ;-)