Thursday, October 18, 2007

unexpected blessings

My life is so crazy these days with running around nonstop, that being able to carpool with someone willing to take my boys to soccer for the 4:30 start time was a huge blessing! NOW-I just have to take Ben to his Bass Lesson at 5pm, drive him home at 5:30pm, and then pick up Nathan at his soccer practice at 6pm. Usually, i'd also have to wait around for Jake to finish at 6:30pm before I could drive home.....but today-whew!-Jacob is being driven home, too. I only have Nathan and Ben driving duty today! It's the little things like this that I truly can appreciate!

I also had a good day at school--as I felt useful in helping my 3rd grade teacher develop her guided reading group plan. The district has taken on a new Language Arts program and everyone is scrambling trying to figure out how to fit it all in. Unfortunately, the plan she iniated just wasn't working. It is a matter of trial and error for everyone right now, and sharing knowledge, and ideas, etc is huge and invaluable. Anyway-I am thankful for those opportunities when I am asked for my opinion in how to carry out lesson plans. Who, me? I sat with Mrs. S today and between the two of us, tried to determine what assignments really fit into the objectives, what questions were purposeful, and what "fluff" could be weeded out. Then we discussed what plans could be done on what days--what the other students would be working on while the reading groups were meeting with the teacher or myself, etc. All in all- it is good practice for me to get my brain working through some of those things.

I spent a half hour in Mrs. C's class also, observing. (she's the prego one, and the class I may find myself teaching in this spring) It is nice to have the option of observing occasionally--just to see how the class flows. I am learning her expectations, her procedures, her record keeping practices, etc. Now I just hope it pays off come interview time. I am only able to get a half hour here, 15 minutes there, and trying to make every visit worthwhile. It is really amazing how every class has it's own personality. i am praying our "personalities" are a fit.

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