Sunday, October 28, 2007

too much to do

Way to much to do.....
After two soccer games today, we came home, and got busy. Unfortunately, most of the stuff was regular Fall clean-up stuff, not so much towards the end of moving. Matt and Ben worked in the yard--lawn mowing, pulling large dead summer plants, cutting down tree like weeds that seemed to sprout up over night.....Jake picked up a backyard full of sticks, and Nate was on dog poop patrol. I was outside too, for some of the time. I was trying to take advantage of the beautiful warm Fall was almost 60 degrees and sunny today. I repotted some mums I got a few weeks ago, into bigger matching pots--trying to keep our front stoop looking cheery. That job took much longer than I expected! I also did some work inside, basic long overdue cleaning, and also tackled a pile of mail, and got some Goodwill stuff bagged up. Not sure what I'll take on next---the list is just too gigantic!
I am wishing I had a week off from work to just put my head down and get busy! But alas-no such luck! Instead, I will have to try this house preparing whenever I can squeeze it in--I can't imagine there will be enough time to accomplish it all! Sometimes I pray for the minutes to last longer, or that God will help me work is a goofy prayer, but I think He understands! :0)

Another matter for parayer--sadly, Matt's car is not doing well. The last few days it was kind of choking while starting. Today, it decided not to start at all. At first we thought it was a battery problem, but when we jumped it--nothing. So, Matt went out and bought a brand new battery.....nothing after it was installed, either. Now--I am not sure what we are going to do. Matt thinks it might be the car's computer. Not good. Big huge expensive thing. Of course, with the goal of moving sometime soon....extra expenses are just not good. Matt is NOT a happy camper, let me tell you.

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kimsilver said...

Update: It was the Starter....$600 later--all fixed.