Wednesday, October 3, 2007

ugh, my rug


Ugh, my rug,
it needs to be cleaned.
It needs to be scrubbed,
it needs to be steamed!

Between the dog and the kids,
with dirty feet, and butt skids (okay, gross)
I am about to go mad
seeing my new carpet go bad....

Maybe its time to just call "the guy"
to come clean it now, before I cry.
I can't let it continue like this anymore-
there is just too much dirt for even a floor!

(Can you tell I am feeling a bit of guilt for slacking on my house cleaning duties since I started working?) And I feel I should mention that it is my dog doing the occasional butt rub on the carpet (not my boys!)......AND it doesn't leave any noticable just fit nicely (?) into my short diddy. :0)

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