Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For Matt

I am posting this message for my hubby, who has been complaining that I haven't been posting enough on my blog lately. I admit....I have not been faithful to my blog. I have found facebook, and I have become a junkie over there, I guess. Actually, I think it is more that this blogging takes more time. I don't have a lot of that these days. (Even on my "Spring Break"!) I am still too busy trying to get my house in order, and attempting to be a student!
Class is going is just a lot of work! My first paper is due in a couple of days, and today I need to outline what I want to say. It is on any chosen discipline model. I chose Canter's Assertive Disipline. Sounds exciting, huh?

Okay....that is it for now. Again...I mainly updated for Matt's sake. This is for you, honey! :0)


deanna said...

I'm a FB stalker as well and like you, I just haven't been as prolific on my blog as I used to be. I'm just doing way too many things.. and I'm not even taking a class (like I should be!). Hope you enjoyed your Easter break!

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