Monday, March 17, 2008


Okay--so I have been out of the whole homework scene for a while. Well, at least for me. My boys have to do it all of the time. BUT- I am a bit overwhelmed with how much I need to do in the next three weeks. (I am taking a 3 credit course with University of Phoenix Online.) Apparently, this same course was once taught in 5 weeks, but they condensed it down to three.....keeping all of the reading and assignments the same. So--for this first week, I have 15 chapters to read in the main book, 4 articles to read on eResource, a paper to write, 2 discussion questions to answer, I must participate in forum class conversations at least 4 days. By the end of the third week, I should have completed 2 more papers, produced an outside project with classroom application, designed a discpline model and plan, taken my final exam, and read a whole lot more! YIKES!!

Thankfully, Spring Break is next week. And while I would like to spend it taking it easy....I am obviously going to be working on my schoolwork. I also was hopin gto unpack some more boxes. I still have too many boxes left unpacked around here. It is kind of embarrasing! Maybe over the summer I will get that done. UGH.


mom said...

Praying for you!!!!! You can do are as intelligent as anyone else taking this course...remember that!! Just do your best, and I'll ask the Lord to (as Beth Moore says in our Bible study) make you smarter than you are!! I'll also ask that he will stretch your time and mental clarity so that you can read, organize your thoughts, and write your posts and papers with ease.

Love you!!

mom said...

I just reread my comment and that remark from Beth Moore came out sounding wrong. She always says that the Lord gives her the ability to understand things that she knows she couldn't do in the natural...therefore making her "smarter than she is". We all an certainly use that help no matter what we are facing, and I'm sure you wouldn't mind some help, right?

dawn said...

Hey--that's the pace Dave has been keeping up for the past 18 months straight!! He might be able to give you some it took him way longer at first to do everything than it does now.

Guess what...he is officially finished with the whole thing on our anniversary :).

You can do it! You can get dave easily at