Wednesday, March 5, 2008

who knows

I still have no clue what is going on with the third grade long-term subbing opportunity. I have been talking about it with some of the teachers, and basically no one knows what is going on. I was pretty convinced that I was just not even going to be interviewed, because even though my application is in, I haven't been asked to interview. The teachers know they are holding the interviews on the 13th, but they haven't been told who, just that the interviews will last the whole day. They are expressing frustration at the fact that they need to give up a whole day of teaching to do this, when in reality the sub will only most likely been in there for about 2 weeks. The last two weeks, in which the kids have basically checked out anyway.

When Jen (the co-teacher) asked about this, she was told that the principal was interviewing for the long term sub position, but keeping in mind the different teaching opportunities coming up. (there is a 5th grade slot opening up, a long-term sub for the third grade in the beginning of the year next year, and if this teacher decides to not come back after the summer, he wants to have an idea of who he could slip into that slot.)

I still am not holding my breath---believe me. I am not sure what in the world this principal has in mind. I was in the work room with him today for at least a half hour (just the two of us), and not once did he mention anything about doing interviews next week.

It is really odd---because I keep finding myself in conversations with staff where they are asking me if I will be taking over the class.....and I just say, that so far, I haven't been asked to interview. Then they just stare at me, like "What?" One teacher in particular was dumbfounded by this. She kept going on about how it only makes sense, about how I know the kids, and their routines, yadda yadda yadda......

What can I do, though? I don't even know what to think about it. I would like to at least think that I would be considered. I am just not sure if the principal is even entertaining the idea. He is driving me crazy. I can't read him at all.

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