Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Okay- so, I just thad to post this....
on the topic of selling premade scrapbook pages on ebay, I came across this seller who has 2 pages going for over $265 at the moment. Out of curiosity, I figured I'd check to see if this was fairly normal for her. so, I checked her feedback from buyers. Not all buyers leave feedback, so it is possible that some of her sales are not even recorded. I did see though, that in the last month, she sold a 2-page layout for over $400!! Isn't that crazy??
I added up all of her sales in the last month, and she sold over $4400 in the month of February alone! Isn't that nuts? Good for her! She sold a total of 30 2-page sets. So, her average selling price for one 2 page spread is $147.

Is anyone else shocked by this?? Who buys this stuff? I noticed one woman spent over $1000 this week on her stuff....I think she got like 4-5 layouts for this money. I am totally floored that this is even happening! What does her husband say?

Can you imagine being the chick that is making the layouts? I wonder if she can believe it? I mean, her stuff is done very well, but, come on people!!! Amazing. Totally amazing.

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deanna said...

That is ridiculous, if you ask me. But I also know from experience that people become addicted to the point that they will pay just about anything to have a complete and consistent album. I do calligraphy for albums and once someone starts it's very hard for them to stop!