Monday, March 3, 2008

paper bag book

This weekend I made a paper bag scrapbook for my third grade teacher who's prego. Her staff baby shower is Friday. I will give it to her then, along with a group gift (a book shelf) and a Sandra Boyton book. I was pretty excited with the way the paper bag book I made came out. It was a fun project, and one I'd consider doing again.
Here is a link to some other books that I modeled mine after:

You can also see samples on ebay. Just look under "paper piecing paper bag" as the search. Speaking of ebay, every once in a while I look at the premade scrapbook pages for sale. I am never tempted to buy, and I am not looking for my self....but I am amused by what people are paying for these things! I saw two 12x12 pages today with a bid of $102!! Isn't that insane? I keep joking with Ben that this is what he should be doing....making scrapbook pages to sell on ebay! He is quite artistic....and always looking for ways to make some extra money. :0)

On a sidenote--I subbed two times last week. On Tuesday, I subbed for a fifth grade class in the morning and a first grade class in the afternoon (I was requested for that class!) :0) AND- on Thursday, I subbed for one of my third grade classes. (Mrs. Smith's). Her sub didn't show up (she had meetings all day) so I got to do it. When I walked in, she told me that the kids were really excited I would be teaching them that day. I was excited, too. I had a great day with them. Things went smoothly, and all was good. :0)

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kerry said...

those are cute kim! i'd love to see yours. :o) miss you. we need to do a girls weekend or something soon.