Sunday, January 6, 2008


Our Laotion (spelling?) neigbors just brought over a plate of handmade eggrolls for us to enjoy. What a yummy surprise! Pong made them with her 2 daughters (5&7) and made too they called to see if we would eat some. Oh my gosh, were they good! (The plate had about 15-20 eggrolls on it.....too much for us to eat, too. The MUST have made a ton!) :0)

Wish I could transfer Pong and Tom to our new neighborhood! Pong's cooking always smells so good---and she is so sweet. We know the new people moving into our house have two young would be great if they could be little friends for Allie and Alexi. (???)


mom said...

One of our church friends is from Laos, and makes the BEST egg rolls. We always love it when she brings them to potlucks, or small group dinners. I agree...YUM!!!! She just taught her 7 yr. old granddaughter how to make them when she was visiting for Christmas, so "grandma's egg rolls" will be enjoyed for generations to come. How cool!

Dawn said...

I was going to say the same thing mom did...Kay's eggrolls are to die for. I can imagine your plate and am jealous...and now a little hungry! :) What a nice treat!