Sunday, January 13, 2008

deep breaths needed

Okay-so I am trying my hardest not to feel overwhelmed with life in general these days. Between the packing that needs to be done (and how slow it is going), and my interview on Wednesday (I've spent a lot of this weekend reading teacher manuals and resources for the new Language Arts curriculum our school has taken on this year, spent time working on my portfolio, and also tried to figure out how to answer some of the interview questions I am sure I will be asked), and the nagging thoughts about how I need to get myself registered for my upcoming class in February (to keep my certification active), and also dealing with a child (Nathan) who is a HUGE procrastinator (can't imagine where he gets that from!) and hangs on to the "baby card" way too often--which is likely my most difficult challenge in life lately.......I am feeling like my head is spinning, the days are going by way too fast, and just a bit clueless as to how to tackle some of these things taking over my brain! WHEW! Deep breaths needed.....

As a sidenote, we visited a different church today. (We had a soccer game at 7:45 this morning with Nathan, and then went to church after that. Why do we always get the stinky soccer schedules?) We have been in the process of deciding whether or not we should be looking for another church for a while now. It is a VERY long and involved story, but the main reason comes down to just not feeling spiritually fed in this last year or so. ANYWHOO....we popped into Riverside Community Church today....and we really liked it. It was great for many reasons.....but I am just too tired to go into them right now--I'll try and catch some time (uh, and when would that be, Kim?) to write a bit more about that later. Let's just say, we will be going back--and that was the concensus from the whole family. Even Ben--and his reasons had to do with the applicable sermon! Wow! :0)

Other off topic statements:
-I am anxious to see the rest of our family photo shoot pictures.....not that I have the time to view them!
-Two aquaintences of ours had large masses removed from their insides this on his kidney (which was cancerous) and who lost 1/3 of his kidney, and the other had a fist size mass removed from her intestines, and had to undergo recontructive surgery. She also just had a baby in November....... She is waiting for the lab results on whether hers was cancerous or not. UGH. I guess when I think of both of these young people being faced with these life changing types of issues....I feel like I definately shouldn't be complaining about my silly stuff. It is sometimes good to view things in their proper perspective. I am VERY thankful to be healthy.
-I realize that this blog entry is written very poorly....major run-on sentences that might not even make sense....but I am too sleepy to go back and edit. Sorry for the bad read! I just thought I'd say that I DO realize it.

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