Thursday, January 3, 2008

interview set up

Well...I finally know when I will be interviewed for the 4th grade Long Term substitute position. Wednesday, January 16th at 2pm is the official day and time. Start praying now! :0)
There will be 5 people total being interviewed--and I expect the competition will be stiff. Yes--I am nervous about it. Yes, I feel I should have done much more to prepare for that day. (I still have almost 2 weeks though, to work on some sort of will just be tough to dedicate the proper time to it, when we will also be mad packers for our move on Jan.31st.)
I have decided that I am not going to work myself up into a tizzy about this whole thing, I feel it is completely in the hands of God. He knows what is best for me and my family. Honestly, the hardest thing to accept (I imagine) if I don't get the position is just that I will feel like a bit of a loser. It will be hard to get my confidence up to interview again--as I already struggle with feeling inadequate....and no one has said no to me yet! Not to mention that so many people know that I am interviewing for the job.....that it will be hard for me to have to tell so many that I didn't get it. It will be embarressing.....
BUT---like I said, I'd rather be embarressed and feel like a loser, than be in a position that may not be right for me at this time---and God knows these things. I just have to trust Him to work out the details. In my own head, this seems like a perfect fit--4th grade (the grade I student taught in), a school I am already comfortable in, a sub position to kind of get my feet wet in....before I try and attempt to run my own classroom for a year....etc.
Of course, the timing may be off, too. I have 2 classes to complete before the end of June (which might be difficult while also trying to teach for the first time), we are moving into a new house and will need time to settle, Nathan may not be ready for more independence, etc. I said--God knows best. Prayers would be appreciated, of course. Mainly, no matter what the decision, I'd like to make a good impression. I'd hate to also sever any possibilities for future employment, because of my lack of knowledge, or poor interviewing skills! UGH!

I will be interviewing with the principal and the whole 4th grade team of teachers. I know one of the teachers really well....(actually, one of the them wrote one of my letters of recommendation! Mr. DiNicola was the teacher I spent half the day with last year, and he will be a friendly face to see in that room!) Nicole Cournaya will be the teacher I would be substituting for, and I know her a bit...mainly from the discussions I have had with her about this position. then the other 3 teachers I know very little. They know my face, I know theirs, but that is about it. Two of them have the reputation of being very difficult and sort of "know-it-alls".....but-since I don't really know them, I'd like to develop my own opinion of that. I am sure all of them just want the best candidate to be hired. I am hoping that my easy going personality, being team oriented, and my desire to work hard and learn much will work to my benefit.

Anyway--that is my update on the job front! :0)

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