Wednesday, July 25, 2007

summer activity

So my kids have a better social life than me! They are always doing something. Tonight, Jacob has his friend Eric over for a sleepover. Of course , this is after a full day of playing at his friend Jeff's house, two towns over. Ben spent the morning at Daniel's...went to the Mall for a movie and dinner with Daniel and Jon, and is now at Jon's house hanging out until they go over to Daniel's to spend the night. Nathan was my homebody today.....although, he plans on hanging out with Jacob and Eric, and Monday he had a sleepover at his friend Jason's. Yesterday, all of the boys were out late playing "night games" with half the neighborhood. Seriously, I think there were about 15 kids playing Hide n' Seek, and Kick the Can. This is just a snipet of the constant activity with the Sterling boys. I am thinking this "non-boring" summer is not a good way to make them miss school!

Tomorrow we head to the pool. Ben is already making miniature golf plans with a crowd for Friday. Saturday, FINALLY, Matt and I get to go to a party for adults! Our friend Clint is turning 40 and his wife is having a surprise party for him. Sunday, is church...and Matt has a softball game. Then starting on Monday--soccer starts up again with Team Camp every morning from 8-11. I would imagine we'll be hitting the pool on some of those days, too. Team camp is always so hot, and they work so hard.

Speaking of soccer--Ben played with the East High Freshmen summer league this summer. Sadly, after what we hoped would change his mind about playing in HS, he has decided to not tryout in the Fall. It is sad for me....he plays well, and was one of the stronger players on the team. (By the way, Ben is now about 5'4" and is weighing in at about 115/120--he is all muscle though....he has experienced many changes this year. My boy is definately not a boy anymore! He turns 15 in a month....unbelievable!) Anyway--we are encouraging him find another sport or activity once he gets to school. He has mentioned an interest in playing RUGBY of all things! My guy is not that big! I fear for his life with that sport! He is taking two art electives, and mentioned being interested in photography (maybe), and has his brand new bass guitar to play around on. Lessons will be soon to follow. He and his friends talk about starting a band....he is very into his music--most of the time he is walking around with his iPod connected to his ears. We'll have to see I guess.

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