Monday, July 23, 2007

good morning! :0)

So...I am having a fairly lazy morning. Just taking my time getting ready for the day. I have a pedicure appointment at 11:30. It feels odd saying that, because I never was one to make "pampering" appointments, other than the occasional overdue haircut appointment (doing that tomorrow!). But, after Kerry and I went to have that pedicure last month before they moved, and my nail poilsh stayed completey unchipped for this whole month.....I figured it was a good investment for the summer months, while my toes are exposed everyday.
Matt left for LA, California this morning for Networkers. He goes every year. It has been a while since he has gone away on business for a whole week.
Jacob played in a 3v3 tournament this weekend. His team ended up not doing too well. It was a shame, becuase they really are good players. Their first game they won, 7-1, (or something close to that)....but then they just went down hill from there. Oh just wasn't their weekend, I guess. It was still fun, and it was an excuse to play soccer for Jacob. Which is always good, as far as he is concerned.
Well, I was just "checking in" guess is I will probally post more this week, as Matt will be gone, and I may find myself with more time to write. Who knows, we'll see.


kerry said...

did your daisies stay on the whole time too??? just curious. mine came off within the within a day. but the polish stayed beautiful the whole time! it just looked like i had dinks where the daisy was. oh well...
i still love eliza jane...and am SO glad i got to go with you!!! it was fun!

way to pamper yourself! you deserve it!

kimsilver said...

Yup--the daisies stayed fact, I had trouble taking them off with the remover yesterday! Must have been the extra coat she put on after I complained about them curling up about an hour after. Remember?
I didn't do anything fancy this time....just got them painted with "Berry Dancer" OPI polish. It has that same sparkly dimension the polish had the first is just a shade darker than my original color.
Got a "Mini Pedi" this time...not "The perfect 10". Definately the better way to go. Less expesive , just as much of a treat.

For those reading this that are is the link to Eliza Jane: