Tuesday, July 24, 2007

hair dilemna/dilemma

So...this afternoon I get my haircut. And, as usual...this morning I am second guessing my haircut plan. I originally wanted to keep things simple. Since my hair is looooong overdue for a cut, (I've been growing it out this whole year, and ultimately had a goal to get it in a ponytail this summer...which I did...and no great excitement, let me tell you) my hair is currently shoulder length, almost one length, and I admit, ugly. The only good thing about my hair right now is, I have a lot of options for a cut.
Anyway, I thought I was going to go in there, and just get some layers put in, to reshape my hair (so it doesn't look so heavy) and add some side-swept bangs. I want bangs because I am sick of seeing my wrinkled forehead. My expressiveness over the years has added up to a very old looking upper face! :0) After thinking more about my whole hair dilemna, though, I wonder why I want to do that little to it. How boring! I don't like boring hair. I have always enjoyed hair with a little "edge". Since my hair is curly, I have less options, of course......but I would love to do something a little fun, and funky. I feel fun hair keeps you feeling young.....but you have to be able to carry it off. I can't go too crazy. If my hair could do it--I'd love an edgy cut like Victoria Beckham. Have you seen her cut? The longer front (on one side), short back? I won't do that, though. I need something fairly easy, too....when I get ready for school in the morning, I need something quick....so it needs to work with my curls. There is no way I can straighten my hair everyday! Not to mention, I feel like I totally dry it out and damage it when I do it repeatedly that way.
So...the dilemna**** is....what to do with my silly hair? Stay tuned....

*****This is a sidenote--My whole life I have spelled DILEMMA wrong. I swear I was taught how to spell it as "dilemna". While doing a spellcheck for something else, I discovered that the real spelling is with two m's. Honestly, that shocked me! I googled the word (I was obviously convinced the spellcheck might be wrong)...and there are whole discussions about this word!! Even another 38 year old was insisting he has been taught that the correct spelling was dilmemna with a/an (?) "n". How weird?? How do you spell it?? (google "spell dilemna" to read more if interested.)

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