Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I can't believe it!

Can you believe I actually LOVE my new haircut?? How often does that happen? Not often for me. I am stunned that as mixed up as I was....I actually communicated what I thought I wanted well enough for my stylist to get a feel for what I was going for. I also showed about 5 different pictures....so I am sure that helped too.
If I knew how to post a picture, I would. But, that is Matt's department, and he's away.
Basically, I kept the length, and got short layers from the crown down. I have sweeping bangs, too. It totally made my curls come alive again, still looks fairly long, and the shape is much more updated.
I suppose it is current enough--because teenager Ben gave his thumbs up review. He has actually told me 3-4 times that he really likes it!
What a great pick me up a good haircut can be! :0)


Dawn said...

I want to know what it looks like! I need a cut too. I like to pull mine up, but I must admit it doesn't look that great like that either.

I hate myself in bangs...so need to leave the expressive old forehead in plain view, but otherwise, I'd love to know what you did.

Kerry got hers cut and it is cute. I am feeling left out! Dave wants me to leave it long... he says he is liking it. Usually he doesn't care...

Anyway...post a pic when you can!

And in regards to shedding...I must say that is a definite plus for Patch. I shed WAY more than he does. I honestly have NEVER found a dog hair in my home. The down side is that it doesn't fall out, it keeps growing. Needless to say Patch has had several haircuts since I have...and they cost almost as much!

kimsilver said...

I think my cut would look fine with a long side swept bang--that can be tucked behind one ear. I can do that with mine...almost....they will slowly come away from my ear, only because they just make it. When I pull them straight down, they go to the tip of my nose. So, they are long. Somehow, they don't flop--they just stay to the side.
I did hear an interesting tip....I have read about it before, but my stylist (who has wavy/curly hair) actually does it herself. She says she washes it only after three days of not washing it. (To cut down on the frizzies...which I definately have at times!) She says on the regular wash day, she shampoos and conditions, applies her defrizz cream to towel dried hair, and diffuses. The second day, she rinses her hair and just conditions, applies product and styes. Same with the third day. She insists that her hair doesn't feel gross or look greasy. She says the secret is that you must rinse and condition--if you just don't wash, your hair can start feeling greasy and heavy. Hmmmm....I will have to try it and let you know.

What does Kerry's look like?

I just got short layers starting about 2 inches from the top of my head, all the way down, leaving the length. The goal is to just keep growing it, and to keep up with the layers. Right now it is a little below my shoulders. I can't explain it--all I know is my curls got much more definition, less frizz, my head feels lighter, and I think I actually look kind of trendy. I have been seeing longer versions on TV shows and magazines, but I thought my hair might be too short to achieve a similar look. Somehow, my stylist got close! :0)

If Dave is liking your long hair...I'd keep it. I haven't experimented yet with pinning mine up--but I bet I could come up with some way of doing it, and getting a "messy" updo. Anyway--I will try and post a pic when I can....I just hope I can achieve the same results as my stylist did!

kerry said...

i wanna see!! i wanna see!!!

Kathryn said...

I really hate boring hair, too. I'm constantly having my stylist tweak my cuts for variety. In general, though, my hair is always above the shoulder, and usually a whole lot shorter.

kimsilver said...

Kerry- what does yours look like? Your hair is forever changing....love that!

Prin- I think it is funny that you wear your hair short now. In college, I don't think I could even picture you with short hair, because it was always long! :0)

All- Okay, I am not sure if my hair looks as cool as it did yesterday when the stylist did it, but it still is MUCH better than it was. I have found myself putting the sides behind my ears a lot today...and while it doesn't have quite the same loose curl semi-long look that way, I still like it.

kerry said...

my hair is like a bob with a little more layers in the back. i'm mainly doing it straight...the girl who cut it didn't do a great job...then mom fixed it. :o) i'm sure jeff will post pictures soon on our website so you can see it!
i can't wait to see yours!