Monday, July 9, 2007

I should be doing something....

What are the odds of all my kids not being home at the same time? Ben just walked out the door to go to his friend Aaron's house for a while. Jacob is at NIU soccer camp until Thursday, and I brought Nathan to his friend Matt's house about a half hour ago. I should be doing something I would normally have Ben babysitting for. But, I can't come up with something yet. Unfortunately, I am not sure how long I have to myself. Matt's mom said she'd call me when I should come pick up Nate--I most likely have a couple of hours, but I can't go too far, I guess. Maybe I should just stay home and clean.....that needs to be done, too.

Nate is having a blast, I am sure. Matt's Dad set up a huge slip and slide in their yard. He bought a REALLY LONG tarp, set it up so it runs down a large hill off their side yard, has sprinklers set up down the length of it--and every once in a while drops some bubbe bath soap down it to make it more slippery. The kids were going down on their bellies, on their bottoms, and they even went down on rafts! AND-they are getting clean at the same time!! BONUS! It looked like great fun--in fact, I wouldn't mind trying it out myself!! I won't, though. :0)

Jacob went to camp yesterday.....he was so excited--because he went last year for the first time and loved it. He gets to stay in a dorm at NIU, and he is rooming with a friend from his soccer team. They got put into teams last night, and he and his roommate, Tom, are with two other Campton players from a year younger "A" team. They play tournament games in the evenings, called World Cup games. Jake's camp team is Germany. Jake called last night and told us that they were going to re-do the teams, though, because Germany was wamping the other teams' butts badly already. I guess they figure the teams are too unfair the way they are. Go Campton! :0) Last year Jacob was the youngest player asked to play in their "All-Star Game" against the coaches--So, before he left for camp this year, I mentioned to him that he can't count on being picked again this year...and he said, "I know, I'll just work really hard again, and hope I get picked. It is just fun to be there." He loves soccer so is great to see him enjoy something so passionately.

We did take pictures of our boys at the Chicago Fire game.....hoping to post those soon.

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