Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well--we are in our new home. It has been about a week and a half. Lovin' the new place....although sometimes, I wonder if I don't miss the "closeness" of all the rooms in my old house. To find someone in this house is nuts sometimes! Mainly, because the upper floor is open to the bottom floor, and the basement door is usually left, when I call someone's name, and they answer, I can't tell what part of the house they are in! I think I hear them from the upstairs, and I go up, search the rooms up there, and then, I call again when I can't find them.....and usually they were someplace completely different the basement! Very odd.
Also, we have a regular visitor to the house. A very friendly (?) cardinal. I remember him from one of the times we walked through the house. He was hanging out in the bush by the dining room window. Every once in a while he'd bang into the window--and his beak would knock on it. It cracked me up. Well, he has been back a few times since then. Today, I heard knocking first thing this morning, with some birdie tweets....and there he was, all cute and red, trying to find a way into our house via the window. He makes MANY attempts. He flies from a bush branch to the window, smacks into it with his beak and legs, and the flies back to the bush. He does this over and over. We all thought it was funny and cute in the beginning. BUT-after a full day of this....we are starting to think it is just annoying.
Our neighborhood has been great so far. Since we moved in, I have not driven to one soccer practice. My nice neighbor friends have given me time to "unpack" and just picked Jake up, and brought him home. We have had a fresh oaf of Chocolate Cinnamon bread delivered by someone else, had another neighbor snow blow or whole driveway for us, another guy take his snowplow and clear away some heavy slushy snow off the bottom of our driveway, had another neiighbor clear our walk way, etc!! Nathan has played with the boy across the street everyday since we moved in, and Jake has been to a couple of friends houses, too. Most recently, he went up the street to his friend T.C's house for a snowball fight with all his buddies. Ben has still managed to see his best friend acre=oss town a few times a week, and also went to a friend's house in the neighborhood soon after we moved in. I guess we are doing just fine in the adjustment!

There has been a ton going mind is filled with more things to write about--but it will have to wait for another time. My typing fingers have said this is enough for now! :0)


deanna said...

Yay! I'm so glad it's all worked out so well and your neighbors sound incredible, as does your house, minus the cardinal. Crazy animals!

We have a pesky chipmunk who sits on our teeny tiny front porch and chirps - I never knew they did that! He also waits until I'm pulling into the driveway to watch him snip off the one and only rosebud (my rose "branch" only produces one at a time) whenever I have one. He's an infuriating little rodent!

Enough about my animal kingdom issues - post some house pictures if you can!!

mom said...

We've had birds fly into our family room and kitchen windows, but they weren't as talented as your cardinal, because they slammed into the glass so hard that they ended up killing themselves!! That always makes me sad. I wonder why they do it...I think they see the reflection of the sky in the glass, and since I keep my windows so clean (said very sarcastically!!) they think they are flying in the open air. After all, their brains aren't all that BIG!
Glad you're back to blogging!!

Kathryn said...

Congratulations on the new house. It's awfully nice of that cardinal to share it with you. ;-)