Thursday, June 21, 2007

pool passes

So, we finally took the plunge, and got pool passes again this summer. Last year, we got them, and hardly used them. (Probally because I made a rule that no one was allowed to ask to go, or we would automatically NOT go---I know that sounds harsh, but being asked nonstop everyday gets to you!) Anyway, this year I questioned getting them, because they are not entirely cheap, and we would have to go at least 10 times each to make it worth it.
After a very slow first two weeks of summer--with the boys already claiming they are bored, I figured we needed to just go get our passes. We got them Monday, and we have already been twice, so I guess we are doing better than last year. Plus, I would like Jacob and Nate to be a little more comfortable in the water--and that only comes with lots of time experimenting in the water.
Our town pool is really nice, and when I am there I actually enjoy myself--it is the stopping what I am doing, giving up a couple of hours, to leave and go, that I don't like. Of course, I tell myself that these are the kinds of things that memories are made of, not sitting in the house passing time while mom cleans in the air conditioning, right?

I suppose we will go again today. It is very hot outside, and the kids keep coming in with sweat dripping off their faces. I guess will do my duty as a nice mom, and let them swim. :0)

Here is a link to see the pool:

If you'd like to tak a look at what our town park district offers:

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