Friday, June 22, 2007

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It is 10:00pm in the Sterling home.....Matt is watching a movie on the tube, Ben is still gone at summer camp, (, Jacob just ran in from being at a movie with friends (Evan Almighty) just to go back out to sleep at one of their houses, and nathan went to sleep about a half hour ago, after I read to him. It is hard to remember the time when all of the boys were young enough to tell them to get in their p.j's and have them go to sleep at 8:30 at the latest.

It is funny.....the older the boys get, the less time Matt and I have to ourselves at night. Of course, when they are all out the house, with friends or whatever, we do---but then it seems so quiet. I can't believe we will have a high schooler, a middle schooler and an elementary student next fall. Time sure flies. I suppose that means that Matt and I are getting older, too. How come it still sometimes feels like we are right out of college? (Not really--my wrinkles in my face tell me the truth.)

My puppy dog Emmy is laying on my feet right now--she is 5 already. She is getting older, too! Pretty soon we will have an "older dog" on our hands. Seems like just yesterday we brought her home in her little crate from the breeder. How cute she was!

Speaking of Emmy.....poor thing is in the middle of her allergy season, and it is starting to show. Her "itchy ears" are a given---she goes around shaking them. But this year, she keeps rubbing her nose on the carpet, too. She has rubbed some of her fur right off between her nose and her upper lip, from the repetative rubbing. It looks pink and sore. :0( If it doesn't get better soon, I will need to talk to the vet about a new plan for medicating her. Right now, she takes Claritin (Yes, the human kind). Before that, two years ago, she took Benedryl. Claritin seems to work better......but now I am wondering if that is working well enough. We will see.

In the next couple of weeks, it will be time for me to to take Nathan to the orthodontist. His teeth are so screwed up! Poor kid looks a bit like a Jack-O-Lantern right now. He was always my photogenic one! He is still a cute kid.....but right now he is just a bit cuter when his mouth is closed! How sad is that! As I have been asking around inquiring about good orthodontists--the one common thing everyone tells me is just to make sure that we go to someone close to home. Since you end up going often and the visits are sometimes like a whole 5 minutes is better to not travel very far. (Especially since most of the time appointments need to be made during school hours.) Sadly, the two orthodontists I had concluded were our best choices, are not even on our insurance plan! The closest one is in Batavia (two towns over) or over by Campton fields, clear across town. I also know nothing about I have done my main "research" on the ones closest to us. Oh well....the saga continues. I just need to go somewhere soon! :0)

Okay, my fingers are tired and so am I. So to bed with me.

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