Sunday, August 3, 2008

Museum Mom

I thought this was really fun. Check out this picture I made at
I think my mom should use this as her facebook profile pic....what do you think mom? :0)

Art Museum by


mom said...

Too funny!! You're getting so tricky w/ the computer and photos!! I think I will use it if someone comes over and tells me how to make it my profile picture. AND how did Ben hurt himselfl at church???

kimsilver said...

Believe me...I am not getting tricky. It was way easy to get onto my blog....not so sure if I'd know how to put it elsewhere. I am still trying to figure out how to post photos to facebook. I had help from Matt originally, and then I figured how to get my one profile picture in of just myself.....but that was straight off my camera. I didn't have to grab the file from somewhere else. I am learning though....slowly but surely.
As far as Ben goes....
after the church service, Ben and the boys including Matt) went into the Gym to play soccer with their rivals. (These great girls that play some serious soccer.) Ben was playing goalie, and one of the girls ripped a shot off that bent his hand way back. He stopped playing immediately, and has been complaining ever since. He cannot rotate it at all, has shooting pain when he tries, and we think we may end up taking him to the hospital today for x-rays. He has been taking ibuprofen, and had it iced for a while, and has been wearing an ace bandage to limit the movement of it. CRAZY! Two of Jake's friends are in wrist casts right now from the same type of thing. Ben has tryouts this week, so we need to figure this out quickly. Hopefully, they let him try out with a cast on, if it comes to that. :0(