Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Houston, we have a problem....

Okay--so I thought I'd share a little problem I have here.

I have always collected underwear. I am not sure what my deal is. I never think I have enough. need just the right pair for certain occasions, you know what I mean?

For instance, you need a few thongs for those tightish shorts and pants, so no panty lines show. You definitely need the ugly comfy pair for when you just want to sit around in sweats and eat ice cream. You need a few normal useful regular ones for everyday--the ones that are really the most loved. A few crazy funky ones for when you feel the need to be a bit silly and fun. The ones that work best for that time of the month (you know the ones....admit it). Then you have ones that sit in the back of your drawer that you pull out occasionally when you are feeling a bit romantic. AND--then there are the ones that mostly fit, and you don't wear very much.....but they are perfectly good, and you can't seem to get yourself to throw them away, in case you have a time that you just didn't get to the laundry, and you need to resort to the ill-fitting less favorites.

Like I said....this has always been a problem of mine. I remember in college....I had two full drawers dedicated to just underwear. It was more important then to have plenty--because doing laundry was never a guarentee. Time did not always allow for getting it done.....and I never wanted to be the one having to turn a used pair inside out to wear again. How gross! My closest friends knew of this "collection", and kidded me about it. I was even given a few little girl ruffled pairs for my birthday from my RA staff as a joke.

I thought, though, I had mostly outgrown this need for an incredible amount of underwear.....UNTIL.....I recently tried to cram all my pairs into my underwear drawer. Sadly, I guess this was one of the few times all of my laundry was clean at the same time, and I had nothing left dirty in my hamper.

And this is what my underwear drawer looks like now.....

What am I supposed to do about this??? (And please do not suggest that I actually throw some of these away......)

These are packed tightly in, BTW. The drawer is halfway shut....and I have now added three pairs to the hamper since this problem occurred. So....maybe I just need to wear two or three at a time until I can shut the drawer??? My hubby just shakes his head at me......


Kathryn said...

I absolutely remember your underwear fetish! It would amaze me in college how many pairs and sets (matching bras) you had. Some things never change!

I think you can safely ditch the ones that 'almost fit.' You are clearly in NO danger of running out of underwear, laundry issues or not! Then, you simply must dedicate a second drawer to undies... ;-)

kimsilver said...

Well....some things do change ( a little!). No more matching sets for me! Does anyone actually do that? I am a mom now....way too practical for that. :0)

I also have to say, that my amazing husband tackled that drawer tonight without me knowing it....and fit them all in there! My drawer is now shut! Be still my beating heart--I knew I married him for a reason! He obviously has amazing underwear squooshing skills! (Try not to read into that.) :0)