Saturday, February 6, 2010

Being Stretched

So, life around here has been super busy.

Life is always super busy..... but right now, it is even more so. Mainly, because I have gone back to school. And you know what? Even though I am enjoying it (well-- everything but the papers and presentations....), it is TIRING! I don't know who I think I am to go back to school while I work almost full-time, teach Sunday School, and juggle the mom and wife responsibilities.
I have been going to bed late every night, my head is swimming with new information, and also the things I am trying not to forget.

I am proud of myself for doing it--but at the same time I question whether or not I am putting too much on my plate. I don't feel I am all that great at juggling things. I end up letting balls drop somewhere. (everywhere?) I am hoping and praying I will not fall apart before I make it through.

I don't mind being stretched--as long as I snap back. I am trying to not get stretched out during the stretching process.....

So I ask that you all pray for me. That I will be able to sustain this busy schedule and the demands on me, without letting the people in my life feel like I am neglecting them. It is a tough order.


Chris said...

You know you are always in my prayers. Love you!!!!!

dawn said...

Hang in there! Don't get stretched out...that's funny. Hugs.