Thursday, October 2, 2008

Title-less entry

Haven't posted in a while, so I decided I would.
Matt and I are going to go out to dinner this evening. Not sure where yet. We need to pick up Nate first from soccer practice at 7pm. The practices have already been ending sooner due to the shortened daylight. How sad is that?
We have a tournament for nathan this weekend. Next weekend is Jake's tournament. Mom also comes to visit us next weekend. I am looking forward to that.
Both boys are excited about Grandma seeing them play.

Nathan hurt his hand yesterday on the playground. Something about hitting it against a metal pole. He has complained about it since. With him being his team's goalie, it may not be so pretty at the tourney this weekend! He also has a bruise on his cheekbone, that he got today. I asked him what happened to his face, and he said, "Emily kicked me!" I said, "She kicked you in your FACE? How did she manage that?" So, he said, "I was just walking under the Monkey Bars, minding my own business, and Wham! she comes swinging her legs and knocks me down! " (I should mention that he said this all like it was HER fault, like she is a mean and terrible person, and he had nothing to do with it.) So, I said, "Uh, did it ever occur to you that you shouldn't be walking under the playground equipment?" He responded very matter-of-factly...."Nobody was going across". To which I responded, "Well, Emily obviously was." Anyway- Nathan is battered and bruised.

I also took Ben driving today for the first time. That was an adventure. We went in a local parking lot. Let's just say, he is not ready for the road yet. :0)


dawn said...

Ohmygoodness...Ben's behind the wheel!

Anonymous said...

i am so not ready for the whole driving thing! A and A can get their permits next out world!