Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My blog is it not? I have decided what we need here is some good ole pictures occasionally! The problem with that, is I still have not learned how to post my pics here. I know, I know......what is with me? Just learn already! It can't be that difficult!

Of course, I need to take the pictures, first. I did take a few pictures yesterday of Matt taking apart the back seats of our van, preparing it to pick up a large piece of furniture we bought for our foyer/entry hall. What we didn't count on was the furniture width measured exactly two inches wider than the van floor (where the tires were). Bummer. We had to put everything back in the van again, and come up with a new plan. (We will need to rent a truck from Lowes, I believe.) We did vacuum the van floor first, though. So, I guess something good came out of it.

I also took a couple of pictures of some flowers we have growing in our yard. What I have discovered is that whoever did the landscaping did a nice job of planting variety, but the flowers grow in waves. Meaning at the beginning of the summer we had beautiful deep purple flowers growing completely around our front bush, and had sweet smelling lilacs growing along our front walk. Sadly, they are no longer around.......but new flowers have popped up, keeping things interesting. We have a colorful grouping on our side lawn around a tree right now (what I took pictures of)....bright hot pink lovelies (have no idea what they really are), some cheery yellow little sweeties (seeing a pattern here?), pink echinacea and some deep red lilies (I know these, believe it or not!). Finally, there are other buds of something ready to burst open in a few days I think. I took pictures, because who knows how long I will enjoy these babies before they disappear, too! Anyway, it would be nice if I could post the pics, so you can enjoy some bright cheeriness, too..... I will see if Matt can help me with that task.

It is raining outside right now. We have been having a lot of scattered showers. Nothing big. My petunias in my hanging baskets need water, so this is good. The cool breeze the rain is bringing is nice, too. :0)

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