Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For Matt

I am posting this message for my hubby, who has been complaining that I haven't been posting enough on my blog lately. I admit....I have not been faithful to my blog. I have found facebook, and I have become a junkie over there, I guess. Actually, I think it is more that this blogging takes more time. I don't have a lot of that these days. (Even on my "Spring Break"!) I am still too busy trying to get my house in order, and attempting to be a student!
Class is going is just a lot of work! My first paper is due in a couple of days, and today I need to outline what I want to say. It is on any chosen discipline model. I chose Canter's Assertive Disipline. Sounds exciting, huh?

Okay....that is it for now. Again...I mainly updated for Matt's sake. This is for you, honey! :0)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Did I mention....

I got the long-term sub position? :0) That starts in May.


Okay--so I have been out of the whole homework scene for a while. Well, at least for me. My boys have to do it all of the time. BUT- I am a bit overwhelmed with how much I need to do in the next three weeks. (I am taking a 3 credit course with University of Phoenix Online.) Apparently, this same course was once taught in 5 weeks, but they condensed it down to three.....keeping all of the reading and assignments the same. So--for this first week, I have 15 chapters to read in the main book, 4 articles to read on eResource, a paper to write, 2 discussion questions to answer, I must participate in forum class conversations at least 4 days. By the end of the third week, I should have completed 2 more papers, produced an outside project with classroom application, designed a discpline model and plan, taken my final exam, and read a whole lot more! YIKES!!

Thankfully, Spring Break is next week. And while I would like to spend it taking it easy....I am obviously going to be working on my schoolwork. I also was hopin gto unpack some more boxes. I still have too many boxes left unpacked around here. It is kind of embarrasing! Maybe over the summer I will get that done. UGH.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

finally in the know--sort of

So, yesterday, while putting up a bulletin board in the hallway....I was called down to the office. I had a VERY small hope that this had something to do with the interviews on Thursday, but I had already come to terms with the fact that obviously I was not going to be in the mix. Anyway-When I got down there, the principal was waiting for me. AND, in his very oddball way of doing things, he said to me..."Thursday". I just looked at him, because honestly, I wasn't positive I knew what he was talking about. Then he said, "What time would you like?" I was still like, uh, what are you talking about?? (Why can't this man just speak normally?) Then I glanced down at some papers he was holding, and realized he had my application in his hand. So finally--lightbulb moment. I guess this was his way of offering me an interview.
My immediate reaction was to say-"Thank you." Mainly, because I just didn't think he was going to ask me. At all. He told me I was the first person he asked. That I had my pick of times, and that there would be 5 people coming in. I suppose I should be flattered that I was the first person he scheduled, but I know better.
Sadly, I think that this interview will only be a practice run for me....I have already been told that the superintendent called and talked to the principal about someone he had in mind for the position. And we all know what that means....:0)

I fell extremely unprepared this time, I had thought that I wasn't going to get another chance, so it hasn't been on my mind that much. I am asking for prayer....that I am ready to answer whatever questions that get thrown at me. That I will be more confident this time, and that even if this job isn't for me, that I will make a strong enough "case" for why he should consider me for a teaching position. Basically, I want to be alert, and ready, and myself. Last interview, I don't think I seemed like myself--I was just too nervous.

Okay-on to other things.....
I got myself totally registered (finally) for my two classes at University of Phoenix. I start on March 18th--with a refresher.--"Classroom Management". Then I will take another refresher "Primary Reading Methods" which will focus on decoding reading problems, assessments, learning centers, and integrating Language Arts into classrooms K-3. I figured that I have been submerged in deeper comprehension strategies and traits of more advanced writing for a refreshing myself on early reading decoding strategies, and early writing might not be a bad idea. Both classes will be done by mid-May.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

who knows

I still have no clue what is going on with the third grade long-term subbing opportunity. I have been talking about it with some of the teachers, and basically no one knows what is going on. I was pretty convinced that I was just not even going to be interviewed, because even though my application is in, I haven't been asked to interview. The teachers know they are holding the interviews on the 13th, but they haven't been told who, just that the interviews will last the whole day. They are expressing frustration at the fact that they need to give up a whole day of teaching to do this, when in reality the sub will only most likely been in there for about 2 weeks. The last two weeks, in which the kids have basically checked out anyway.

When Jen (the co-teacher) asked about this, she was told that the principal was interviewing for the long term sub position, but keeping in mind the different teaching opportunities coming up. (there is a 5th grade slot opening up, a long-term sub for the third grade in the beginning of the year next year, and if this teacher decides to not come back after the summer, he wants to have an idea of who he could slip into that slot.)

I still am not holding my breath---believe me. I am not sure what in the world this principal has in mind. I was in the work room with him today for at least a half hour (just the two of us), and not once did he mention anything about doing interviews next week.

It is really odd---because I keep finding myself in conversations with staff where they are asking me if I will be taking over the class.....and I just say, that so far, I haven't been asked to interview. Then they just stare at me, like "What?" One teacher in particular was dumbfounded by this. She kept going on about how it only makes sense, about how I know the kids, and their routines, yadda yadda yadda......

What can I do, though? I don't even know what to think about it. I would like to at least think that I would be considered. I am just not sure if the principal is even entertaining the idea. He is driving me crazy. I can't read him at all.


Okay- so, I just thad to post this....
on the topic of selling premade scrapbook pages on ebay, I came across this seller who has 2 pages going for over $265 at the moment. Out of curiosity, I figured I'd check to see if this was fairly normal for her. so, I checked her feedback from buyers. Not all buyers leave feedback, so it is possible that some of her sales are not even recorded. I did see though, that in the last month, she sold a 2-page layout for over $400!! Isn't that crazy??
I added up all of her sales in the last month, and she sold over $4400 in the month of February alone! Isn't that nuts? Good for her! She sold a total of 30 2-page sets. So, her average selling price for one 2 page spread is $147.

Is anyone else shocked by this?? Who buys this stuff? I noticed one woman spent over $1000 this week on her stuff....I think she got like 4-5 layouts for this money. I am totally floored that this is even happening! What does her husband say?

Can you imagine being the chick that is making the layouts? I wonder if she can believe it? I mean, her stuff is done very well, but, come on people!!! Amazing. Totally amazing.

Monday, March 3, 2008

paper bag book

This weekend I made a paper bag scrapbook for my third grade teacher who's prego. Her staff baby shower is Friday. I will give it to her then, along with a group gift (a book shelf) and a Sandra Boyton book. I was pretty excited with the way the paper bag book I made came out. It was a fun project, and one I'd consider doing again.
Here is a link to some other books that I modeled mine after:

You can also see samples on ebay. Just look under "paper piecing paper bag" as the search. Speaking of ebay, every once in a while I look at the premade scrapbook pages for sale. I am never tempted to buy, and I am not looking for my self....but I am amused by what people are paying for these things! I saw two 12x12 pages today with a bid of $102!! Isn't that insane? I keep joking with Ben that this is what he should be doing....making scrapbook pages to sell on ebay! He is quite artistic....and always looking for ways to make some extra money. :0)

On a sidenote--I subbed two times last week. On Tuesday, I subbed for a fifth grade class in the morning and a first grade class in the afternoon (I was requested for that class!) :0) AND- on Thursday, I subbed for one of my third grade classes. (Mrs. Smith's). Her sub didn't show up (she had meetings all day) so I got to do it. When I walked in, she told me that the kids were really excited I would be teaching them that day. I was excited, too. I had a great day with them. Things went smoothly, and all was good. :0)